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Coral Gables Real Estate Offers Antique Charm with Modern Comfort

by Andy Newton

Coral Gables Luxury Real Estate

The historic community of Coral Gables has long been a destination for residents seeking a bit of luxury and tranquility within the heart of Southwest Florida. Developed during the land boom of the 1920s, this picturesque neighborhood offers people from all over the country a lavish slice of the past, while still retaining an eye to the future. Now with the housing market rising steadily throughout the region, Coral Gables, with all its wide boulevards and stately homes, is proving as appealing as ever to buyers looking for a dash of old fashioned class and charm amid the comforts of modern living.

Homes for Sale in an Ocean Paradise Emerging From the Wilderness

Coral Gables was first founded by real estate developer George Merrick, a minister’s son who lived with his family on a grapefruit plantation nestled in the pine flatwoods west of Miami. Merrick possessed a vision of building a beautiful community out of the wilderness, a “Miami Riviera.” He sold his first lots in 1921, and, in just 4 short years, Merrick’s dreams were in full effect, advertising “40 miles of waterfront,” lobbying for the construction of the University of Miami, and hiring orator and repeated presidential hopeful William Jennings Bryan – a resident of the nearby Coconut Grove – to spread the word about Coral Gables among prominent northerners.

Although the Florida land boom went belly-up in 1926, Merrick and his starry-eyed partners – whether they knew it or not – left a cherished historical legacy to the future residents of Florida, a beautiful community that was to become an iconic American city. Tree-lined boulevards showcase palatial, Mediterranean style homes, custom designed by such notable architects as George Fink and Phineas Paist. City dwellers enjoy lush parks, grand plazas, and dazzling churches, not to mention the University of Miami. One of the first planned suburbs in America, Coral Gables stands as a monument to an optimistic past, while continuing to provide comfort and cheer for present and future residents.

Sales High in Coral Gables Real Estate, as Housing Market Rebounds

Now, nearly ninety years later, Coral Gables endures as one of the wealthiest cities in the South, boasting the 15th and 34th most expensive zip codes in the US by home price, at $3.48 million and $2.67 million, respectively. The average price for one of the community’s more modest dwellings, situated in the north, further from the ocean, is $500,000.

Nevertheless, with the real estate property values higher than they have reached in years in Coral Gables, home sales are still going strong. This may be due to a certain character and refinement about the city that have perhaps been perceived as lost elsewhere. “It has a sense of place,” commented Ayra Moore Parks, author of George Merrick’s Coral Gables, as well as the forthcoming Son of the South Wind, a biography about the town’s developer. “The landscaping is extraordinary – the entrances and plazas that have been preserved. The theme that it had is still there,” said Parks. “It is a wonderful community.”

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