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How do you get a house ready to put on the market?

5 quick ways to maximize your return and sell your property quickly:

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale1. Fix what needs fixing. Have you been putting off fixing the running toilet or the chipped paint somewhere in your home? Buyers often notice the things that will cost them money first. Because most buyers aren’t looking to renovate when they move, the houses that attract buyers are in top shape. As a result, they are more likely to pay top dollar.

2. Renovate (smart). Renovation is a scary word. Renovations cost money and potentially a lot of time. Buyers are just as concerned with renovating as sellers are about the cost of updating their homes for resale value. I wouldn’t advise a “full” or “total” remodel without contacting a realtor/broker (to learn more about resale value), and potentially, an architect.

  • Kitchens/bathrooms (they can make or break your sale): Inexpensive fixes, that often soften the true age of a home’s design, are: kitchen and bathroom faucets, perhaps investing in higher-end kitchen countertops, and if necessary, stainless steel appliances and cabinet refacing. On average, you will see a 86% return on your kitchen/bath remodel.
  • Grout: Deep clean or regrout completely. Buyers hate grime and they don’t want to imagine someone else’s dirt; depending on the size, usually under $200.
  • Paint: Both inside and outside if necessary in neutral colors – light grey, white, light beige. Remember, just because that fantastic indigo paint in the bathroom worked for you, doesn’t mean it will for the average buyer.
  • Hardware: Bring your home into this decade by simply updating cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bath. Home Depot and Target have knobs as inexpensive as 87 cents!

Though these may seem like minor changes, in a buyer’s eye these changes have the potential to transform their first impression of your home. What once seemed like a total remodel, now appears fresh and problem-free. As a result, buyers are more willing to overlook remodel upgrades, if they are happier with what they can live with for now. Remember, the definition of a “turn-key” property means buyers don’t have to do anything to the home. Buyers are willing to pay more, on average, for a turn-key home than a money pit.

3. Reduce personal items. When buyers walk into a property, they want to immediately imagine themselves in the space. They make plans regarding furniture placement. Most buyers have a difficult time imaging a space that still looks lived in. While this will be particularly difficult for sellers with children, consider editing your family’s belongings, reducing an abundance of personal items, i.e. large family pictures, intimate photography, toys, etc. Invest in plastic tub containers for your special belongings and place out of the way in the garage, or better, in a storage unit.

4. Clean ALL the things. This may sound obvious, but many sellers don’t realize the importance of keeping their house very clean at all times while their home is on the market. Buyers are just itching to find faults. Not all buyers can imagine themselves in a place already inhabited by someone else.

5. Reduce furniture. Often, people have no idea that they’ve bought too much furniture for their homes. Large furniture or too much furniture both shrink a home, hiding the true potential and expansiveness of a space.

6. Edit furniture. In other words, keep pieces in the home that most compliment the space and do not scream OLD. Buyers like fresh spaces with innovative design. Bad design only emphasizes other faults in the property, while great design complements a space highlighting its potential. Consider hiring someone to stage your home. This ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand for luxury properties.

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