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St Armands Key


Found on Florida’swest coast, St. Armand’s Key is atropical paradise island that contains some of the most desirable real estate properties in Sarasota today. The island’s natural beauty, stunning beaches and world-class amenities offer convenience and luxury within easy reach, making it the perfect place for people looking to live in a place blessed with natural beauty and an exciting, progressive environment with a relaxing, laidback vibe.

St. Armand’s Key is a popular vacation spot and an even more amazing place to live! There are interesting events happening all year round from music to art festivals. St. Armand’s Key is also a popular shopping and dining destination – there’s great, fresh seafood practically every day here.

Brief History

The island is named after Charles St. Amand, a Frenchman who purchased the property in 1893 for $21.71. His name on the deed was misspelled to Armand, which has since stuck and has remained the name used to this day.

The progressive and interesting developments we enjoy at St. Armand’s Key today were envisioned by John Ringling, one of the founders of the famed Ringling Bros.circus empire. Ringling bought the island in 1917 and developed some of its most notable features, including St. Armand’s Circle as well as the island’s centralized layout.

Real Estate on St. Armand’s Key

Properties found here range from condominiums, waterfront properties and modern estates to luxurious homes built in the 1950′s that feature beautiful views of the bay and the city of Sarasota.

Local Attractions

St. Armand’s Circle. A popular destination for tourists and locals alike, St. Armand’s Circle is one of Florida’s major tourist destinations. Here you can find more than 130 interesting and luxurious shops and boutiques as well as topnotch dining destinations, a vibrant nightlife scene and luxurious waterfront hotels that face the stunning coastline of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Ringling Museum of Art. Celebrating the legacy of John and Mable Ringling, this museum features interesting art exhibitions as well as the Ca’ d’Zan, the historic, opulent home of the Ringlings,which has become one of the most popular attractions in the area.

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